Solitaires Rooms

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(3-10 yrs)

The Tiffany

Experience the fantasy
The famous Tiffany diamond was found in 1978 in the mines of South Africa. Tiffany was valued at $12,000,000 during 1983. Tiffany Solitaire is located on the ground floor and has an open balcony facing the lawns featuring an authentic Tea table setup. It has a lobby equipped with a tea / coffee maker and microwave oven. The main bedroom is beautifully decorated with teakwood log ceilings and has a rustic fireplace.


The Cullinan

Experience royalty inside & outside
The Cullinan, also known as the Star of Africa, is currently claimed to be the largest cut diamond in the world. Cullinan weighs around 530.20 carats and has 74 facets. Presently resides in the Tower of London and is set in the Sceptre of King Edward VII. Cullinan Solitaire is located on ground floor. It has a fine lobby with tea / coffee maker and a well arranged dining space.


The Florentine

Experience the most exotic
The Florentine - This Famous Diamond of historic Indian origin has legends surrounding it as far back as 1467. It is light yellow in colour with a slight green overtone. It has nine sides, one 126 faced double rose cut. It was owned in the 17th century by Empress Maria Theresa and was placed in Hapsburg Crown Jewels at Vienna; at that time it was valued at $750,000.


The Blue Heart

Let the mesmerising effects of Blue in the sky and water enter your heart
The Blue Heart - some refer to this Great Diamond as "Eugenie Blue" by name of the Empresses. The great diamond of rare blue colour was cut in heart shape. This is situated on the first floor is an expanse of Blue and Brown. The comparatively compact suite has well divided spaces for lobby, dinning, master bedroom and toilet areas.


The Earth and Star

Luxuriously enjoy the feel of earth water & sky
The Earth and Star is famous diamond found in the 16th may 1967 in the Jagersfontein mine. The Earth and Star was cut from a rough gem weighing 248.9 carats. It was valued at $900,000 in 1983