Elegance Inside


Ramsukh offers a choice of accommodation to match your budget and preferences. Opt from a total of 69 rooms and suites that are either valley facing or forest facing. Whatever type of room or suite you choose, you are assured of best-in-class luxury, comfort and convenience. Every room features soft lighting, elegant furniture, premium fittings, modern bath accessories and a spacious layout filled with natural light and fresh air, with total privacy for you and your family. Ramsukh is known for its warm hospitality and superior service standards. Our courteous, friendly staff is always on hand to make your stay an experience to cherish and return to again and again.


Solitaires Rooms

Standing high and apart from the rest of the resort, the Solitaire Suites are ensconced in natural bowers of hundreds of indigenous trees. Named for the unmatched peacefulness of their ambience, which comes from their high altitude and strictly guarded privacy, the Solitaires offer unmatched exclusivity to its residents. The Solitaires comprise 5 exclusive suites; each one exceptional in location, architectural styling and decor. The elegance, luxury and privacy afforded by these regal suites have made them a sought-after destination for celebrities and honeymooners.


Heritage Rooms

The Heritage Wing was conceived and constructed to evoke the quintessential old world charm of Mahabaleshwar. Nestled in a cocoon of foliage, the suites have a unique ambience of their own. But the real masterpiece of their creation lies in the fact that not a single branch of a single tree was cut away to make room for the entire wing. Doors and windows made of high-quality Burma Teak heighten its air of timeless style. The only modern aspect is the slew of top-class amenities within that match classic feel with unmatched modern comfort.


Health Spa

Step into the only indoor and outdoor spa in Mahabaleshwar. Enter a hygienically maintained, efficiently managed wellness centre, cocooned in the foliage from all sides. Surrender yourself to the mystical healing power of our Rejuvenation Spa Therapies, Beauty Treatments, Facials, Scrubs and Wraps, enhanced by the soothing sounds of soft music and the therapeutic aroma of essential oils to nurture your body, mind and soul. Professionally operated by Marigold SPA - our Spa has expert masseur and therapists who work wonders with their nimble, practiced fingers.