Conference Hall

Conference Hall

Sometimes, you have to get away from the office to get down to work! Simply no better place than Ramsukh. It's quiet, calm and uncluttered. Where participants can fill their minds with learning - and their lungs with clean, fresh, rejuvenating air. Ideal for high - powered Board meetings or Management Training Conferences, Sales Conferences or workshops and seminars, the Conference Hall comfortably seats approximately 70 persons in U - shape or 150 persons in theatre-style arrangement.

The Hall is air-conditioned and fitted with the latest Schneider Electric Mood-creating Soft Lighting system and Mackie audio systems, besides ergonomically - designed chairs for the comfort of participants.

Disco Cum Compact Conference Hall

The most Happening Place in the Evening. The Air Conditioned Disc with pulsating strobe lights & Lasers, weaving ever changing designs in the artificial Fog. The Foot Tapping Music with in-house DJ would drag you irresistibly to the dance floor. The Discotheque if required is converted into a compact conference hall with seating capacity of 22 in U Shape and 50 in theatre style it is most suitable for small group meetings.

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